The latest Kelly's Heels album is here!

The latest Heels album is called Playing Into Your Hands and features 12 great new Kelly's Heels tracks.  If you've caught recent live gigs, you'll have heard previews of two tracks, Anything But This, and Imperfect, but there's plenty more that will be completely new material to everyone, and also new to this album are musical contributions from Steve Rinaldi (trombone) and Jane Watkins (cello). And although the Heels don't usually do cover versions, you'll see why they've made an exception for a haunting cover of Bruise's song, Nobody Else. Buy it here or from CD Baby, iTunes, and many more ... And to persuade you to invest in the physical object, yes, it's a CD that looks like vinyl!

Popaholic voted this 9/10 and one of the top albums of 2011, and other reviews are starting to come in: "Bob Kelly's songs are reminiscent of the Mamas and the Papas ... these are songs of sweeping emotion, brilliant hooks and unending musicality." Pop Geek Heaven


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