The Party's Over

With a marketing nous that makes the Heels' strategy of sneaking-it-out-while-nobody's-watching look like the satire on music-biz success stories it probably is, Rinaldi Sings unveil their new album - The Party's Over - this Summer just in time for the…

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Who'd have thought the middle of a global pandemic wouldn't be a good time to launch a new album? Uh, well, everyone except us, it appears. When the Music Business pulled up the drawbridge and posted armed guards around all…

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Helter, There & Skelterwhere

Here's an interesting mash-up to get your teeth into:-

The video is about as primitive as it's possible to be without just being a photograph, but it's a thing, I guess.


Before Kelly's Heels, there were The Ashes. In fact Kelly's Heels was originally a name I came up with for a multi-tracked choir of backing vocals (all me!) on an Ashes album, which I wasn't allowed to use for some…

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Originally planned as a mini-album to mop up some (subsequently finished) leftovers from Playing Into Your Hands, this eventually became the similar-sounding follow-up title to our 2015/6 album when I couldn't think of a better title for it. The leftovers…

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New album out now

The new Kelly's Heels album Ringing In Your Ears is out now! Find it on CD Baby: here

Happy Birthday, Ringo! 

I don't know how many cover versions Ringo Starr has had of his songs, but here is a cover of "Don't Pass Me By" by Kelly's Heels as a tribute and present for his birthday on 7 July. We've grabbed…Read more

Remembering Richard & Jubilation Lee ... 

This week is the fifth anniversary of the death of our friend Richard. To mark the occasion we've taken a run at one of his earlier songs, Flyby, and enlisted Jane Watkins and Toby Kelly to provide their inimitable assistance…Read more

New album on its way

Yes, recording has started on the next Kelly's Heels album, with drum tracks being recorded at DIN Studios in the last few weeks. Watch out for more news soon ....

Kelly's Heels play The Duke in Deptford

 A very special one-off live Kelly's Heels gig took place at the Duke in Deptford on 6 September. The night was an amazing success, so look out for video of some of the tracks performed being posted very soon.

The latest Kelly's Heels album is here!

The latest Heels album is called Playing Into Your Hands and features 12 great new Kelly's Heels tracks.  If you've caught recent live gigs, you'll have heard previews of two tracks, Anything But This, and Imperfect, but there's plenty…Read more