Who'd have thought the middle of a global pandemic wouldn't be a good time to launch a new album? Uh, well, everyone except us, it appears. When the Music Business pulled up the drawbridge and posted armed guards around all of their suspended product, muggins 'ere thought it would be the ideal time to unleash SOUND PROOF on a stimuli-deprived world. Good in theory, but it hit more than a bump in the road when we discovered that, although you can get records pressed during a pandemic, you can't deliver them in to distributors! How we laughed as we designed a narrow walkway through our box-filled house and accepted this as the new living space for the foreseeable future.
The album's available as a download, of course (all the usual suspects), but while that's a convenient space-saver for anyone interested in hearing the album, it doesn't make any kind of dent in our inventory. Who knew a 'Limited Pressing' could take up quite so much room?? Well, us, obviously. With the benefit of hindsight. Sigh. Thank goodness we went with the Miniature LP/CD look for the sleeve - a traditional crystal case would've seen boxes spilling out into the street and the necessary installation of an honour box for payment.
Hmm. There's a thought...

OK. Good talk. More soon...

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